Kimha is a jewelry label founded by the korean designer Hayan Kim. Her works are driven by the feeling of unusualness and the clash of different cultural, spatial and formal impressions.

Based on various experiences kimha tries to question common ideas of luxury and elegance by translating impressions and feelings into jewelry pieces. Beauty is an expression of feelings and attitudes. By fusing unusual materials and using new techniques combined with traditional methods kimha creates contemporary forms and objects. Her products are both unpretentious and driven by extravagant details.

Kimhas products are exhibited and disposed in galleries and stores around the world.


If it is necessary to get a piece repaired please send an email to and we will help you. Otherwise you can give it to a jeweler you trust.

We have some good advices for you to maintain your jewelry in good condition:


  • Don't apply pressure on your jewelry piece
  • Don't wear your jewlery in a spas or swimming pools


  • Store your jewelry separately from other metal objects
  • Don’t store silver pieces inside leather bags

Cleaning and storage

  • After use it's best to keep the item in a plastic zip bag
  • Use a damp cotton cloth to clean your jewelry pieces
  • Don’t use paper towels for cleaning

How to buy

If you found a piece you like please send an email including name and colour option of the item to If you have any individual requests for your new jewelry feel free to contact us.


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Concept and Design: Mainusch Randerath
(Alexander Mainusch, Sebastian Randerath)
Interaction Design and Development: Jonas Pelzer
Model photography: Daria Paulina Spóz
Product photography: Mainusch Randerath

For contact details take a look at the imprint.